Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need is a nonprofit based in Pittsburgh, PA. We strive to provide services and financial assistance to people in our community who have nowhere else to turn.

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Crisis Fund Grants

Neighbors in Need’s mission is to provide financial assistance to Pittsburgh residents who are in need and have nowhere else to turn. We offer grants to neighbors who are in extreme crisis and need help to get out of their desperate situations.

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SAT Prep Scholarships

Neighbors in Need is offering 5 scholarships for Pittsburgh students to take an intensive summer course. This scholarship program is designed for motivated and accomplished high school students who wish to increase their chances of being accepted to college by raising their SAT scores.

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I’m fairly convinced that I would have been declined [from Cornell] had I not gotten such a high SAT score… If you’re taking this class, everything you need to get a perfect score is sitting right in front of you.
Nicolaas Jedema, 2012 NIN Scholar
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